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A great day music and fun!
Blues Picnic at Warner Park
The Blues Picnic supported by Dane County Cultural Affairs

The Madison Blues Society had its 7th Annual Blues Picnic Saturday, June 20, 2009 held again at beautiful Warner Park. The event continues to be FREE and OPEN! Friends and family enjoyed another great day of music, food, beer and fun in the sun!

We had another great lineup of music from the stage with plenty of room for dancing. If just hanging out is your style, there's lots of room for blankets and chairs with shade under the trees. Again, there was an interesting variety of ethnic and traditional food vendors to give you lots of options. Joe Nosek's Blues Kids were back again this year and the MBS tent offered Blues merchandise and memberships. And many enjoyed the Prize Raffle!

Blues Picnic Poster 2009
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We continue to work with the East Madison Community Center (EMCC) again this year to host Joe Nosek's Blues Kids program teaching kids how to play harmonica and write songs and lyrics. The Blues Kids performed again at the picnic backed up by the Cash Box Kings. EMCC sold food and soft drinks again this year to help fund their many great programs for Madison's youth.

We kept our raffles going again this year to give Blues Fans more chances to win! Check out all the contributions from our great supporters for the Prize Raffle. Many took home a Great Gift when they picked up tickets to giving them a chance to win a Prize.

Some folks preferred the 50/50 Cash Raffle. Tickets gotten at the Picnic made for some very lucky winners of a bundle of cash and helped the Madison Blues Society keep bringin' you the Blues.

We held another Pro Jam this year. Great artists from the Picnic gathered at a Madison club after the picnic to keep the Blues goin'! These Jams really make for some great music and support our local musicians and clubs.

We also collected non-perishable food items for the Food Drive. This really helps out hungry people with donations to Lakeview Lutheran Church's food pantry.

Our local bands got things started
The crowd loved the Blues Kids with the Cash Box Kings

We had Joe Nosek's Blues Kids again this year singing and blowin' harp with the Cash Box Kings backing them up.

Then we had the Cash Box Kings do their own set of real Chicago-style Blues.

We really cranked things up with Blues Great from Chicago Linsey Alexander

Born in Mississippi and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Linsey Alexander discovered on Chicago's south side a down to earth city that truly understands and appreciates music. In much the same way as many great blues artists before him, he grew up in a poor but honest and hard working family, learning early on that music has the power to lift the spirit and comfort the soul. In Linsey's own words, "Blues music is not hard- it's just a documentary about life."

His first guitar - a gift from a family friend who played on the front stoop of Linsey's home in Memphis - was never retrieved from the pawn shop where he left it almost 50 years ago. Using the money to help pay his way to Chicago, he now plays a variety of Gibson and Epiphone guitars, and since 1959, Linsey Alexander has been perfecting the art of entertainment blues for the sheer and simple pleasure of it. His easy smile and unpretentious personality define a charismatic entertainer who loves to perform; and perform he does!

We finished out a great day with the Groove Hogs

We got a terrific band lined up to finish out a really great day in the sun. This top notch act really showed how it's done! We had a spectacular finish for the 7th Annual Blues Picnic.

The Groove Hogs - a band of 9, blazing a trail through the "what's hot, what's not" music scene of the 21st century. In a market inundated with cookie cutter, wanna-be, bands, The Groove Hogs have retained artistic integrity and melded the sum of their individual influences into something that is truly fresh and exciting. The Hogs have created a sound that is uniquely their own.

Here's the music schedule for the day

Listen in to WORT-FM community radio!

We had another promotional exchange with WORT-FM community radio this year. Tune in for broadcast interviews with MBS "picnic people" and members of the picnic bands as well as lots of great Blues music.

Don't miss these WORT Blues Shows:

Winners got food, fun or a night in a great hotel

Check out these great prizes! Tickets were sold at the white Madison Blues Society tent. Only $10 or 3 for $25 and we put groups of prizes together to each prize a big one! Madison Blues Society members will got the chance to buy tickets in the mail.

Merchandise, Great Food, Beer - We'll had it all!

Besides hours and hours of live Blues, we had Blues merchandise for sale at the MBS booth. We had MBS T-shirts of all kinds. Those who missed their chance to get their own Wild Women T-shirt, had another chance! We also had the flashing beer mugs - a real crowd pleaser after dark! Another favorite was the Mississippi Delta Blues maps that show where all this great music got started. A limited number of Luther Allison CD's were also available. Lots of Blues fans brought something back home with them after a great day of music.

We had our usual
Great Selection of Food!

Picnic blankets and camp chairs completed the picture for a really comfortable day in the park with Blues and fun.

And this year we had
Akarim African Products
bringing you all kinds of interesting African items

And don't forget to enjoy all the great beers from Capital Brewery.
Folks enjoyed:

For those who wanted something else to drink, we also had soft drinks and bottled water at the EMCC food stand.

And, YES, this year we had Porta-Potties. Last year, the crowd clearly overwhelmed the facilities at the Warner Park shelter. This year, NO PROBLEM!

Lots of folks brought non-perishable food items for the Food Drive. THANK YOU! This really helps out hungry people with donations to Lakeview Lutheran Church's food pantry.

These great supporters bring you the Blues
Bringing us rewards for Blues Lovers!